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Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm

Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm

A child’s first step toward reading is a strong understanding of phonemes – the sounds that make up words. We designed Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm as a kid-friendly app that builds this foundation for reading success! Our app immerses children in a farm-themed setting filled with songs, games, and characters that make the learning process fun. Professor Pup guides kids through forty-nine hands-on lessons, providing encouragement and correction whenever needed. With our easy-to-use parent dashboard, you can adjust the app’s settings to suit your child’s needs. Phoneme Farm is a learning experience that kids can enjoy independently or with a parent!

Note: This app is designed for tablet use, but it works on smartphones as well.

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Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is based on leading research in the field of early childhood education. The program was developed using developmentally appropriate practices and evidence-based approaches that stress the significance of building early phonemic awareness skills.

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Set amidst a delightful farm setting, Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm includes engaging activities to help children experience and practice the full spectrum of phonemic awareness skills. These important skills include beginning, ending and medial phoneme recognition, blending/segmenting, rhyming and phoneme manipulation. Professor Pup’s support and guidance provide the immediate, individualized feedback that children need to experience success and build confidence.

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The program begins with phoneme discrimination activities that address initial vowel and consonant sounds. Once students have acquired these skills, they move on to working with more complex ending and medial sounds. Blending and segmenting are next, followed lastly by phoneme manipulation, which is the process of deletion and substitution of initial phonemes to create new words. In addition to these activities, Phoneme Farm includes a rhyming component that can be accessed at any time.

Pup's Quest for Phonics

Pup's Quest for Phonics

Pup’s Quest for Phonics is an interactive phonics app for beginning readers. Our forty tablet-based* lessons bring phonics to life with music, animated stories, hands-on activities, and memorable characters! Professor Pup guides kids through each interactive lesson, while our handwriting and speech recognition software provide the immediate feedback that kids need in order to grow as readers. With our easy-to-use parent dashboard, you can adjust the app’s settings to suit your child’s needs. Pup’s Quest is a learning experience that children can enjoy independently or with a parent!

Note that our voice recognition software works best with headphones that include a microphone (available here), but still works just fine without them!

*Our apps are designed for tablet use but can be used on smartphones as well.

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The first three activities of Pup’s Quest for Phonics focus on building the essential skill of phonemic awareness. After an introduction of the lesson by Professor Pup, the program teaches the target sound through engaging animation and music. Utilizing cutting edge speech recognition software, the child is prompted to identify images which have the lesson’s target phoneme in the Sound Farm activity. This helps reinforce the phoneme by activating their verbal memory.

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Pup’s Quest for Phonic utilizes handwriting recognition software to teach the grapheme (symbol) that corresponds to the target phoneme of the lesson. The program emphasizes correct letter formation and phoneme-grapheme connection. The child then blends the phonemes and the corresponding graphemes together to create and read words. If the child reads the word correctly, they receive positive reinforcement with an image or video of the word to support their expanding vocabulary. If the child reads the word incorrectly, s/he receives immediate corrective feedback and phoneme-blending assistance.

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Pup’s Quest for Phonics scaffolds each lesson, so students feel comfortable and prepared to read sentences in an animated and enchanting narrative. The student records his or herself reading each line of the story - then they are rewarded as the line they read comes to life, revealing the plot. If the child does not know or is struggling with a particular word, they can use our patented TTS (Touch-Text-to-Sound) feature and tap to hear each individual sound or swipe to hear how the sounds blend together.

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