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Pup's Quest for Phonics

Pup's Quest for Phonics

Pup’s Quest for Phonics is a comprehensive, evidence-based reading program for the iPad. Pup’s Quest systematically guides students through forty carefully scaffolded lessons which engage visual, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities. Starting off with the establishment of phonemic awareness, Pup’s Quest progresses gradually, utilizing speech and handwriting recognition with immediate corrective feedback to develop all phonics skills. It emphasizes phoneme recognition, reading, writing, and spelling to to prepare your student for reading fluency. The Pup’s Quest for Phonics curriculum combines animation, interactive stories, music, games, and supplemental materials to create a fun and developmentally-appropriate educational experience.

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The first three activities of Pup’s Quest for Phonics focus on building the essential skill of phonemic awareness. After an introduction of the lesson by Professor Pup, the program teaches the target sound through engaging animation and music. Utilizing cutting edge speech recognition software, the student is prompted to identify images which have the lesson’s target phoneme in the Sound Farm activity. This helps reinforce the phoneme by activating their verbal memory.

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Pup’s Quest for Phonic utilizes handwriting recognition software to teach the grapheme (symbol) that corresponds to the target phoneme of the lesson. The program emphasizes correct letter formation and phoneme-grapheme connection. The student then blends the phonemes and the corresponding graphemes together to create and read words. If the child reads the word correctly, they receive positive reinforcement with an image or video of the word to support their expanding vocabulary. If the child reads the word incorrectly, s/he receives immediate corrective feedback and phoneme-blending assistance.

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Pup’s Quest for Phonics scaffolds each lesson, so students feel comfortable and prepared to read sentences in an animated and enchanting narrative. The student records his or herself reading each line of the story, and then sends it to their teacher's web dashboard for later review. They are then rewarded as the line they read comes to life revealing the plot. If the student does not know or is struggling with a particular word, the student can use our patented TTS (Touch-Text-to-Sound) feature and tap to hear each individual sound or swipe to hear how the sounds blend together.

Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm

Professor Pup's Phoneme Farm

Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate phonemic awareness curriculum for preschool children. Our program combines the best of traditional early educational instructional methods, with the developmentally appropriate use of tablet technology to nurture the foundational early literacy skills that are critical to reading success. Phoneme Farm is comprised of scaffolded lessons designed by teachers, interactive tablet-based activities, and collaborative, hands-on projects. Professor Pup’s Phoneme farm is available now to educators for the iPad and iPhone on the App Store, and for Android and Chromebook on Google Play Store.



Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is based on leading research in the field of early childhood education. The curriculum was developed using developmentally appropriate practices and evidence-based approaches that stress the significance of building early phonemic awareness skills through direct instruction.

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Set amidst a delightful farm setting, Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm includes engaging, scaffolded activities to help children experience and practice the full spectrum of phonemic awareness skills. These important skills include beginning, ending and medial phoneme recognition, blending/segmenting, rhyming and phoneme manipulation. Professor Pup’s support and guidance provide the immediate, individualized feedback that children need to experience success and build confidence.

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The design of Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is built on a dynamic, comprehensive instructional sequence --Introduce, Explore, Create. Children’s use of Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is strategically inserted between collaborative, interactive teacher-facilitated lessons. The three-phase sequence provides an opportunity for children to learn, practice, and apply target phonological awareness skills in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Teacher Dashboard

Customize Your Class and Monitor Student Progress

We’re excited to premiere our new teacher dashboards with live metrics! As you students are progressing through Pup’s Quest for Phonics, you can watch live updates in the metrics dashboard, with percentages and color-coded mastery levels. Your students can also upload recordings of their voice as they complete the Really Reading exercises, which you may grade according to proficiency!


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The newest edition of Pup's Quest is linked to an intuitive progress monitoring system. This allows teachers to see live updates of their students' performances as percentages and ratios. We also offer color-coded overviews of progress, and a function for teachers to listen to their students' reading via their teacher dashboard.



The newest editions of our apps allows teachers to switch between classrooms on all iPads with the touch of a button. This feature was designed for teachers with multiple classes, such as AM/PM environments. It also has the ability to turn voice recognition on and off for students with special language needs.

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The newest edition of Pup's Quest for Phonics features thirty-five short stories (Really Reading), which students unlock by recording and listening to themselves reading. The students then can send the recorded audio to the teacher's account. The teacher can listen at their convenience and also assign grades to the files.

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