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Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm

Professor Pup’s Phoneme Farm is a great place to visit to work on beginning phonemic awareness and phonics skills! Featuring fun, animated listening activities for identifying sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words, this is a hit with my students! The app also helps work on rhyming, sound blending, segmentation, sound manipulation, and deletion. I really like the engaging graphics, narrator, and option to select the specific skills you want to work on! This app tracks progress across multiple users. There are several interactive activities for each sound for lots of auditory bombardment. Bluebee Pals are perfect to pair with this app!

Laura Jiencke

What a great learning tool for young children. My 2 yr old loves this and plays it daily, it also holds her attention! (Which is a hard task for a 2 yr old) it's been so fun to watch her progression and start to see letter sounds click for her. This is such a great start for early reading and I couldn't recommend it more!

Anonymous ITunes User Review

Pups Quest for Phonics

Pups Quest for Phonics is a great resources for teaching phonics (office) in a self-contained TK and Kindergarten classroom! Through the use of audio, visuals and differentiated methods of instruction our students are able to build a strong phonological foundation"

Estela Gonzales, TK teacher

Well, we are thrilled to report that our younger grades, and particularly Transitional Kindergarten have seen significant increases in Early Literacy! We credit much of this to the Pup's Quest programs.

Denise M. DeSantis, Director of Development

“You can see that within the grades that are actively incorporating Pup's Quest into the curriculum there is significant growth... We love Pup's Quest!”

Allison Jordan, Principal

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